The Marfa Yonke Gallos is a baseball team in the Old Timers League of Far West Texas. The Yonke Gallos were in existence long before my full-time residence in Marfa. The team is considered “illegal” because the players are too young to play in the Old Timers league, but because the region is so sparsely populated, other teams in the area are happy to have another team to play against.     In 2012 I was asked if I would like to play on the team. I declined for personal reasons. However, rather than drop the team altogether, I decided to “squat” on the team as its new owner. While most of the players were confused by my choice to claim an intramural baseball team, few rejected my new role, since I used it as an excuse to cook hotdogs with fried onions, peppers, and bacon - a form of food I longed for from my childhood. I gave up my ownership of the team when I moved to Michigan and was no longer able to cook for the players.